Beaver Ramble

There will be no Beaver meetings at the hut on the 1st and 2nd November. The Beavers will be doing a night ramble on Monday and Tuesday instead. OSM invites have been sent out, please make sure you have responded. Cubs and Scouts will be meeting at the hut as usual

Remembrance Day Parade and Service Sunday 14th November

This is one of just 3 events in the year that we expect all members of the Group to attend. Full details will be sent via an OSM invite. We are hoping to meet up in the playground of St Nicholas School at 10am (to be confirmed) before starting the parade at 10:30am. We will proceed up Locks Hill (the road will be closed to traffic) to Easthill park for the service. The Service will start at 10.45am with the 2 minute silence at 11am. The service will finish after the official wreaths have been laid, 11.25am.

Parents are welcome to attend but they cannot walk in the road with the Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. At the park you will also not be able to stand with your Beaver, Cub or Scout.

Getting back to Scouting

All Sections will be starting back from Monday 13th September. We will hold as many of the section meetings as possible outside. If we are in the hut, while Covid cases remain at their current level, we are asking parents and carers not to enter the building. If you need to speak to one of the Leaders please let them know via email. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will enter the hut via the main front doors and will leave via the fire exit on the side of the building. Please remind them to use the hand gel provided (or they can bring their own). Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid or if you have been in contact with anyone with Covid over the previous 10 days.

Payments for Camps and Monthly Subs

A gentle reminder to everyone that you need to have an active Direct Debit set up for camps/events and the monthly subs. They are 2 seperate Direct Debits. When you sign up for an event and you don’t already have a DD then you will be asked to set one up by following the link in the email.
If you sign up for a camp or event and cancel after the deadline then you will still have to pay for the camp or event and there are no refunds. 
If your Beaver, Cub or Scout changes section or meeting night you will need to sign up for both Direct Debits again as they are not transferable.

OnlineScoutManager – MyScout

Beaver, Cub and Scout parents can create an account on MyScout/OSM. The account will show you all the events your Beaver , Cub or Scout has been invited to. It will show all the details of the event so you don’t have to keep looking back for the original email invitation. To create the account, find one of our email invitations. Click on the link for the event and in the top right hand corner you will see the word Account. Click on this and you will be able to create your own account. You will still get the emails but you will be able to see what you have signed up for and make changes to your bookings.