5-a-side 2013 Report

Full Match Report by Tabby 

On Saturday 16th February Me, Kelsey, Harry, Joseph and Riley went to Brighton University Sports Centre.  We went there to play a Cubs Tournament.  All the teams were from Brighton and Hove.  There were definitely over twenty.  All the teams played 4 matches.  We got 2 of 4 which wasn’t that bad.  We were the youngest team there!

We all scored at least one goal.  I scored two goals in the second match.  Harry scored one goal in the first match and then scored another goal in the third match.  Kelsey scored one goal in the second match.  Kelsey scored in the second match.  Joseph scored one goal in the second match.

These are the positions we played…..I played in defence with Kelsey and Harry played with Joseph up front.

We didn’t get to the finals sadly.  But we were close to the finals.  We had to wait about ten minutes for the first match.  Then we had to wait half an hour for the second match.  For the third match we waited for an hour.  And for the last match we waited for three hours!  Which we lost two nil.

These are the results:  0-2, 5-0, 1-0 and 0-2.

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